The monitoring systems offer complete visibility into the state of the network, servers and critical devices. They continually query the devices for their state an record these information so that they can be reviewed at a later time.

They offer realtime and historical information about the devices state. We monitor and record a wide range of data, as CPU, Memory, Disk State, Hardware state, Network Activity, Load, Uptime, Interface State, BGP Information, Database Information, Services state, etc
Our monitoring systems are completely redundant putting aside the false positives.


The business simply cannot afford to have critical services interrupted, and these services rely on your network, systems, applications, virtualization, storage, and database all working in concert. Our monitoring platforms brings visibility into all the elements of your critical services in order to manage them effectively.
We are proactively monitoring your systems ensuring that they comply to your needs, being able to solve a wide range of problems even before they arise.

Operational Efficiency

The systems are able to draw graphs from the data recorded and can provide the information in a easy readable form, so that the information can be queried and sorted by the required fields, helping to meet the service level agreements and reduce monitoring efforts, so we can focus the activities where they really matter: deploying new services and improving end-user experience.

Service Delivery

The system automatically alerts when problems arise or when a system is near it’s hardware or software capabilities. For example the systems can send an alert for drive that is near full, offering administrators enough time to clean space without impacting users experience or activity.
Optimizing delivery of IT services with our business software will help to ensure the availability of critical services and keep the complaints to a minimum.